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don't come to me at 2am
when your heart starts to split
its nuts and bolts
and your eyes are threatening to
burst their banks

i will be too busy trying to
solder my own
laying down sandbags and praying
the tide comes no higher
i am still not sure how i feel, if i feel at all
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noirbloome Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
May I be so bold as to ask what this poem, and who, this is about? x
oaklungs Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
becoming aware of those that are toxic to your recovery.
as for who, it's someone i no longer care to acknowledge.
noirbloome Featured By Owner May 21, 2015
Nobody is fully toxic, even if you believe them to be. Perhaps giving them a chance might persuade you otherwise :)
Sorry for asking who it was, that's not my place. I know that feeling though of not wanting to acknowledge somebody's existence, but in some ways I view that if I ignore them, they've won
goodbyeafterglow Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Professional Writer
this is my favorite. makes me think of two outsiders who can stand together but only find each other those times the world rejects them
oaklungs Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
you couldn't be more spot on with how i was feeling when i wrote this.
BlueSoulGreenMind Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
Interesting capture of such a tender moment. I like how short your poems are.

Random thought:
There is just as much poetry in the steady drip of water from a rain-gutter as there is in the rain itself.

That's how I feel about it. That is what imagery comes to mind when I see it.
Neat stuff. 
therootcellar Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Student Writer
awwe, i have known this feeling too well.. stay away, ex-lover, far far away! 

great imagery in this one
oaklungs Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
thank you :tighthug: those pesky ex-lovers...
saltwaterlungs Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
this is really good and an interesting new perspective on the topic. once again, love it.
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